About Pain

  • Did you know that the latest neuroscience tells us that pain is an experience that is created by the brain?… and not actually a ‘feeling’ in any body part

  • The brain creates pain [and other types of symptoms] as a protective mechanism - for actual, &/or perceived, threat or tissue damage

  • Surprisingly, the brain creates pain anywhere in the body it deems as most helpful to protect the whole body... and often not in the region of the most significant dysfunction

RM practitioners use this knowledge to better solve the underlying cause of painful conditions. A good analogy was written by world class pain researcher Professor Lorimer Mosley*:

Pain is like the dashboard engine warning light signal of a vehicle. 
The engine warning light turns on when a problem somewhere in the engine becomes great enough to tell the driver to take action to solve the problem
The engine warning light does not reveal where or what kind of problem there is
To solve the problem the engine needs to be thoroughly checked to find and fix the main fault.

Practitioners that have this understanding realise that it is not helpful to 'treat the pain' [and symptoms], as this would be like fixing the dashboard engine warning light.
Practitioners and clients who think this way understand the importance of thoroughly assessing muscles, joints & nerves throughout the whole body, plus thoughts, behaviours and feelings, so that no potential significant contributing factor can be missed.  

*G. Lorimer Moseley, an Australian: the author of Painful Yarns - Metaphors & Stories to help understand the biology of pain