About Us

We’re fixing the musculoskeletal health industry.

We’re an innovative Brisbane start up applying the latest neuroscience, advanced problem solving and zealous attitude to transform the musculoskeletal health industry.

WHY WE DO it this way

We value healthy activity for ourselves and creating it for others.  

We do not settle for traditional approaches. We focus on achieving dramatic long-lasting changes.


We use an approach that matches the latest neuroscience to enable people to excel by our different thinking and pushing the boundaries.


We fix pain and injury problems - rapid and long-lasting


Our Values

It’s by living our values that we are able to get immediate dramatic improvements within sessions - allowing you to move and feel young again.

Honesty - we see the importance of being honest with ourselves first because this allows us to use the facts to help you most

Openness - we know that when we are open to whatever works best we are helping people the best we can

Cognisance - Matching understanding for all. Thoughts, words and actions match for maximum effectiveness

Family - Family and friends are an important consideration for our priorities

Healthy Activity - is what makes us focus on physical and mental aspects of health. For mind and body healthy activity makes our life worthwhile.

Problem Solving - Test, then Trial, then Re-Test. Whatever improves the most tests is the best solution

Connecting Dots - Habits and Systems for a more effective and easier future

We live these values in every aspect of our lives, including in physiotherapy and this creates 5 fundamentals to guide us for best possible outcomes:


  1. Be Objective

  2. Often an intervention to a very different region of the body creates the best results

  3. The single best intervention results in resolution of multiple dysfunctions throughout the body

  4. Musculoskeletal and sports conditions result from accumulation of factors, including accumulation of strain

  5. Behaviour change is required for a rapid fix and for sustaining the fix

We apply these fundamentals in every step of our systems for eliminating aches, pains, stiffness and tightness in the most rapid and long-lasting way possible.


Improve performance - including healthy activities and family activities; Sustain full movement; Pain-free, for the rest of life.

… and this is how we help you move and feel young again… AND stay moving and feeling young.