Using the latest neuroscience to fix pain and injury problems

We were taught that helping pain and injury problems is about the muscles, ligaments and joints.

But, the muscles, movement, and pain are all controlled by the nervous system.

The latest neuroscience shows us that we can solve pain and injury problems more effectively when we work with the nervous system.

How do we do this?

We identify the muscles, joints and nerves which are contributing to pain and weakness problems.

We release what is blocking optimal control.

This creates immediate improvements in the nervous system’s control of the body, in less than 300 milliseconds - and this is what rapidly eliminates pain.

Many of the principles to effective musculoskeletal health already exist in traditional physiotherapy science, however, there are many unconnected dots.

It’s the neuroscience that allows us to connect these dots.


To apply the neuroscience we use a problem-solving process called Ridgway Method. This allows us to get results within a 3-6 hour procedure that were not possible with the way we were taught physiotherapy.


Taught in four countries to hundreds of physiotherapist practitioners, Ridgway Method is a problem-solving process that achieves unparalleled results with fixing musculoskeletal pain and injury problems.

All Youngify physiotherapists are Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners.

"I was someone who was continually dissatisfied with the business and clinical outcomes I was achieving for myself, my team and my clients through the traditional physiotherapy approach. So I tried to better understand and continually challenge traditional methods.

In doing so I came to understand that many of the solutions I was looking for already existed in ethical business principles and traditional physiotherapy science, however, there were many unconnected dots, so I looked for the links. I was able to create something new from what already existed, which works better and produces better results more consistently.” - Michael Ridgway


Find out how you can take advantage of this approach:



More details about the neuroscience:

It’s the neuroscience that makes it possible for you to move and feel young again.

Neuroscience shows us that:

The nervous system controls our movement and our strength.

The nervous system senses accumulation of strain throughout our bodies.

The nervous system creates protective muscle guarding and weakness in response to the accumulated strain.

The nervous system creates pain when this accumulation builds over a threshold.

The nervous system can improve our movements in less than 300 milliseconds
when the signals from accumulation of strain are reduced.

At Youngify we search and identify the accumulative strain contributing to your pain

We then reduce the accumulation to improve movement in less than 300 milliseconds

which also eliminates the pain and regains full strength, both rapidly and long-lasting.

Importantly, using this approach we also see clearly the rare cases where we cannot effect immediate improvements and we see that it’s not our skills that solve those conditions. In these cases we help clients find the right practitioner who can.

We are aware of how different this approach is to all other musculoskeletal approaches, and this is how we are changing the effectiveness of musculoskeletal health?