Below are typical examples of results at Youngify.

Please note that individual results vary, for example depending on the complexity of the problem and frequency of booking amongst other factors that we will be happy to explain.




Wim had been struggling with shoulder and arm pain for a year.

He tried multiple practitioners including physiotherapists with no success.

Wim was in so much pain he couldn’t sit still and wriggled constantly in an attempt to find relief.

This pain interfered with his work, cycling and everyday life.

Using the neuroscience we created improvements in less than 300 milliseconds.

Wim was pain-free within 1.5 weeks at Youngify.

The images below show Wim’s progress.


click on the images to see more before after examples within 1.5 weeks:


Wim is now enjoying Work, cycling and life a lot more

The images (right) show Wim learning how to keep his improvements for the long-term.

…as well as moving and feeling young again.



Jackie was in pain and struggling to push through work and training for multiple years.

Jackie had seen multiple practitioners with varying results but no long term solution.

Now Jackie is mostly pain-free and is able to extend herself with training and more productive with work after 2 weeks with help at Youngify.

The images below show Jackie’s improvements which started happening in less than 300 milliseconds.

Jackie is now moving and feeling young again.

Jackie’s symptoms before youngify treatment:


click on the images to see more before and after examples within 2 weeks:


Jackie is now enjoying training a lot more


To see for yourself if this approach is right for you:


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